Philly Hillbilly Rockin’ Round Up – Featuring Junior Brown

Philly Hillbilly Rockin’ Round Up – Featuring Junior Brown

September 30, 2023, at 8:00 PM

Tickets: $35 – $100
Junior Brown

A maverick musician known for his virtuosity on the guit-steel, a unique instrument of his own invention, Junior Brown’s contributions to the genre is nothing short of extraordinary. With a signature sound that seamlessly blends classic country, western swing, and rock ‘n’ roll, Junior Brown has left an indelible mark on the landscape of American music.

Born on June 12, 1952, in Cottonwood, Arizona, Junior Brown’s musical journey began at an early age. Influenced by the diverse sounds of honky-tonk, blues, and rockabilly, Brown honed his skills as a guitarist and vocalist, developing a style that defied easy categorization. It wasn’t long before he caught the attention of audiences and fellow musicians alike with his remarkable talent and distinctive approach to music.

Central to Junior Brown’s unique sound is his invention, the guit-steel. A hybrid instrument that combines a standard electric guitar with a lap steel guitar, the guit-steel allows Brown to switch between traditional guitar playing and steel guitar slides seamlessly. This innovative creation has become synonymous with his name and serves as a testament to his ingenuity as a musician and his dedication to pushing the boundaries of musical expression.

Junior Brown’s music is a tapestry woven from a diverse array of influences. His rich baritone voice channels the spirit of classic country crooners, while his guitar skills evoke the twang of traditional country and the fire of rock ‘n’ roll. Brown’s ability to effortlessly switch between genres and styles within a single performance is a testament to his mastery of his craft and his deep understanding of the musical roots that have shaped him.

One of the defining qualities of Junior Brown’s music is its playful and often humorous nature. His lyrics are characterized by clever wordplay and witty storytelling, reflecting his penchant for storytelling and his knack for injecting a lighthearted touch into his songs. Tracks like “My Wife Thinks You’re Dead” and “Highway Patrol” showcase his ability to blend humor with heartfelt emotion, creating a dynamic range of songs that resonate with listeners on various levels.

Brown’s live performances are a testament to his charismatic stage presence and his ability to connect with audiences. His shows are a whirlwind of musical prowess, where he effortlessly navigates between guitar solos that leave audiences in awe and moments of genuine connection through his heartfelt ballads. Brown’s energetic performances, combined with his wit and charm, have made him a beloved figure on stages across the country.

Throughout his career, Junior Brown has garnered critical acclaim and the respect of his peers. He has been recognized with awards and nominations, including a Grammy nomination for his album “Guit With It.” However, it’s his impact on the genre and his ability to carve out a unique space within the vast landscape of country music that truly sets him apart.

Brown’s influence extends beyond his own music, as he has collaborated with an array of artists from various genres. His guest appearances on albums and live performances with musicians like Dave Matthews and Hank Thompson showcase his versatility and his ability to integrate his distinctive sound into different musical contexts seamlessly.

In a rapidly evolving music industry, Junior Brown’s commitment to authenticity and innovation has kept his music relevant and captivating to audiences old and new. His ability to bridge the gap between traditional country sounds and contemporary sensibilities speaks to his timeless appeal. Whether he’s delivering a soulful ballad or a foot-stomping rockabilly track, Junior Brown’s music remains a testament to the enduring power of musical craftsmanship and the boundless creativity that can arise when tradition meets innovation.

Junior Brown stands as a true original in the realm of country music. His mastery of the guit-steel, his genre-defying style, and his infectious enthusiasm for his craft have earned him a special place in the hearts of music lovers around the world. With his signature blend of humor, heart, and virtuosity, Junior Brown continues to captivate audiences and inspire fellow musicians. His legacy is one of innovation, individuality, and a lifelong dedication to the art of making music that touches the soul and transcends genre boundaries.

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8:00 pm


Sep 30 2023


The Ellis Theater
The Ellis Theater
311 Byrd Avenue Philadelphia, MS 39350


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