Where titans of the music industry can shepherd the creative spirits of the future.

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Where students can go beyond the chords into the lives of the creators of the culture, creating a heart-to-heart, inspirational experience. The Marty Stuart Center, as part of Marty Stuart’s Congress of Country Music, is about passing it on. Endorsed by the GRAMMY Museum, the Center will focus on using music “as a gateway to learning; inspiring and cultivating creativity, critical thinking and self-expression.” It will expose students to the spectrum of careers available within the music industry, and inspire them to follow their dreams and passion.

The Marty Stuart Center looks forward to partnering with the GRAMMY Museum on future programs and curricula that serve the two entities’ shared goals in music education. The Center plans to provide unique learning opportunities and enlightening musical experiences based on the enduring legacies of all varieties of music and its creators. The Center will pull from the history of Marty Stuart and other notables from American music’s most revered genres to celebrate and impart the entire creative process to students from across the U.S.

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