American Patchwork Quartet

American Patchwork Quartet

HAM JAM Arts Festival

October 29, 2023 @ 3:30 PM

Tickets: $30 – $75
NYC-based American Folk and Roots Music ft. multi-Grammy winning vocalists and musicians
American Patchwork Quartet

“American Patchwork Quartet is on a mission to reclaim the immigrant soul of American Roots Music.”

American Roots Music encompasses Indigenous American music (chanting, drumming, and flutes), Tejano, gospel, blues, jazz, R&B, soul, funk, zydeco, bluegrass, and country music, to name a few.

Music uniquely can unite people, transcend boundaries, and celebrate diversity. The American Patchwork Quartet is a remarkable example of how music can become a vehicle for understanding and promoting harmony in a diverse society.

This quartet is an ensemble of exceptionally talented musicians from different cultural backgrounds, representing the diverse tapestry of America. New York City-based American Patchwork Quartet (APQ) includes Grammy-winning vocalist Falu Shah, two-time Grammy-winning guitarist/vocalist Clay Ross, three-time Grammy-winning drummer Clarence Penn, and Grammy-nominated bassist Yasushi Nakamura.

The American Patchwork Quartet was founded with a vision to celebrate the rich and diverse musical traditions that exist in the United States. With a combination of string and wind instruments, the quartet weaves a beautiful tapestry of sound that blends elements from various musical genres, including classical, jazz, folk, blues, and world music.

One of the Quartet’s strengths lies in their ability to craft performances that appeal to a broad audience. Whether it is a captivating classical piece, a soulful jazz composition, or an enchanting folk melody, the quartet effortlessly switches between styles, making their performances accessible and enjoyable to listeners from all walks of life. Their music reflects America’s multiculturalism and reminds them of the vast beauty that emerges when different cultures collaborate.

The American Patchwork Quartet’s concerts are not just musical performances; they celebrate unity in diversity. The quartet’s music delivers a powerful message of acceptance, understanding, and respect for different cultures and traditions. Their performances are about showcasing their talents and embracing and appreciating the richness of America’s cultural mosaic.

Beyond their live performances, the American Patchwork Quartet engages in various outreach and educational programs. They visit schools, community centers, and cultural festivals to inspire young musicians and promote embracing diversity. The quartet believes music education is a powerful tool for fostering empathy and breaking down community barriers.

The American Patchwork Quartet is a shining example of how music can bridge cultural divides and promote unity in a diverse society. Their commitment to celebrating the varied traditions that make up the fabric of America has earned them accolades and a loyal following. As they continue to share their extraordinary music and message with the world, the American Patchwork Quartet reminds us of the beauty that emerges when people from different backgrounds create something genuinely harmonious and exceptional.

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3:30 pm


Oct 29 2023


The Ellis Theater
The Ellis Theater
311 Byrd Avenue Philadelphia, MS 39350


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