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Doktor Kaboom!

Look Out! Science Is Coming!

April 4, 2023, at 9:30 am
and 11:30 am

Target audience: Grades 3-8

Applies to curriculum standards in Science, physical science, STEAM, theater, health, and social and emotional learning.

All seats are $6

Limited seating; advance purchase required.
For reservations, contact Dr. Daniel Barnard at 956.793.9156 or dan@congressofcountrymusic.org

This is the original Doktor Kaboom! show, in which the good Doktor takes his audience on an educational tour of the modern scientific method, using humor while demonstrating spectacular applications of the physical sciences.

Topics covered include safety, pressure and force, simple machines, velocity, application of science to everyday life, the scientific method (hypothesis and experimentation), the benefits of multiple experimentations, the constant discovery of new information and data, exothermic and other chemical reactions, and chemical formulas, mass, air pressure, and demonstration versus experimentation.